Cryl-A-Flex™ Flooring Systems by Premier Austin Texas

Industrial Plant floorThe Cryl-A-Flex™ family of carylic flooring products meet or exceed FDA, USDA and OSHA guidelines and are the perfect complement to the Dur-A-Flex® family of epoxy and urethane flooring systems.

From prime coat to topcoat, Cryl-A-Flex™ systems offer a complete solution for a wide range of flooring applications. Their experience has led to the development of products that satisfy the needs from heavy industry, or light manufacturing to food processing, or decorative commercial environments. The ultrafast Cryl-A-Flex™ cure sets new standards for performance and operational flexibility.

With the Bio-Pruf® Antimicrobial additive or a chemical and thermal resistant topcoat, Cryl-A-Flex™ products will meet your most demanding flooring requirements.

Offering exellent resitance to acids and alkai, Cryl-A-Flex™ systems are UV stable and cure to an appealing low glare satin finish.

Decorative and durable, MMA quartz flooring systems are ideal for pharmaceutical applications.


Aggregates: Dur-A-Quartz multi colored quartz aggregate Q28, broadcast applied, and Q11, coarse grain; natural quartz aggregate SL filler blend decorative chip blends.

Topcoats: Cryl-A-Top T-301 | T-302 | T-303 topcoats are available to handle various degrees of chemical and thermal shock resistance.

Commerical Storage FloorsStandard Slip Resistant | Easy Maintenance | Scratch Resistant

Strong yet felxible, the Cryl-A-Flex™ Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) systems are VOC compliant.

Seals and Protects | Flexible | Prevents Dusting

Commercial Refrigeration Floor Sealing | Versatile

This two component high build system for sealing concrete, cement screed or quarry tile is made up of Cryl-A-Prime™ a low viscosity prime coat, which penetrates concrete, with a Cryl-A-Top™ topcoat that is also available with or without anti slip textures.


Refrigeration FloorCryl-A-Guard SL™
When a thicker overlay is required Cryl-A-Guard SL™ is a versatile coating solution for applications of 1/8" to 1/4". Filler enhanced pigmented Cryl-A-Glaze™ resin and a Cryl-A-Top™ topcoat complete an efficient seamless surface.

For a textured look, multi colored, broadcasted into acryl resin. System components: Cryl-A-Prime™, Cryl-A-Glaze™, decorative chips and Cryl-A-Top™ topcoat.

Cryl-A-Guard SL™ may incorporate decorative chips or quartz to create an attractive multi colored flooring pattern.

Temperature insensitivity makes Cryl-A-Flex components ideal for refrigerated environments and indoor / outdoor applications.

Versatile | Seals & Protects | Flexible | Prevents Dusting


Lubrication Bay FloorsCryl-A-Floor™
This workhorse resurfacer combines pigmented Methyl Methacrylate resin and natural quartz aggregate for applications 1/8" to 1/4" thick. Available in a variety of solid colors. Cryl-A-Floor™ can be further enhanced with the Bio-Pruf® antimicrobial treatment, which actively attacks bacteria and fungi and prevents microorganisms from synthesizing chemicals which could damage flooring.

The premium decorative flooring solution. Cryl-A-Quartz™ uses the same select graded multi-color quartz aggregate that has established Dur-A-Flex® as a premier provider of pigmented quartz to the commercial / industrial / institutional flooring industry. Offered in fine to coarse grades, Cryl-A-Quartz™ delivers a rich selection of colors and a choice of slip resistant and smooth textures.

This acrylic, MMA, plymer concrete matrix can be used for pothole and spall repair or used for sloping for drains and structural rehabilitation. It consist of a Cryl-A-Tex™ liquid and Cryl-A-Tex™ powder. This system cures to full strength in one hour.

Super fast curing Cryl-A-Flex™ components let you install or resurface flooring systems with minimal business interruption.

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